Treasure Hunters of Pondera

“I prefer the term TREASURE HUNTING!” -Locke Cole, Leader of the Treasure Hunters

It took me a while for me to find someone that would be willing to tell me tale of the Treasure Hunters. Luckily I was in a very remote area on Noirchon when a strange grizzly fellow who was quite drunk began to regale me with tales of his youth which include those with the Treasure Hunters.

There comes in some individuals’ lives where they think it’s a really good idea to make a living off of constant adventuring. Eventually they grow old become sensible beings and take on familial responsibilities. The others that are not fortunate in that fate become us.

Years ago there were various thieves’ guilds that peppered Pondera. It was a free market back then. If one had the resources a thieves’ guilds were rather profitable. That was until the market become so oversaturated that there was blood constantly in the water. Major guilds were on the brink of war when something much unexpected happened.

Rumors began to fly around smearing thieves’ guilds everywhere. This smearing campaign reached the ears of even the most rural of folk. Quickly business nearly came to a halt and a new competitor entered the field. Rising among the ashes a new guild that offered expert recovery of ancient artifacts. Ironically enough at the time the leader was a woman who went by the name Phoenix. Other services are provided much like the thieves’ guilds used to offer, but they are less advertised.

The Treasure Hunters are today known for several things alchemy, artifact retrieval, and item recovery. Alchemy is what it sounds like. It is the making of various potions, draughts, and occasionally poisons if needed. Artifact retrieval means stealing to put it plainly. Item recovery is smuggling.

In the past before the War of the Dragon rumors started to fly about the Treasure Hunters. Perhaps it was the same enemies they made prior to the formation of the Treasure Hunters. But fate was kind to this relatively new organization. When the war broke out the Treasure Hunters threw as much support behind the Platinum Covenant in Skorukh as possible. Then when is ended they dropped all the debt that the army owed them. Causing people to question their doubt about the guild.

Locke Cole leads the guild today or that is what is thought. Many people think that he doesn’t really exist. The success of one of the largest organization couldn’t have been managed by only one individual at the top could it? I honestly don’t know.

-Scholar Amelia Qola

Treasure Hunters of Pondera

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