Thundrom Order

The Thundrom Order is an order of mages whose sole purpose is to explore the full capabilities of the arcane. As an aside they study ancient magic artifacts and regulate the magic item traffic. Their main headquarters are in Vox, Gadarn where it first came to be.

The order was officially established in 2493 when the parliament decided it need officials to regulate the large influx of magical items. Before then this crowd was a group of very bright arcane scholars, who gave their opinions on the status of arcane magic and studied ancient magic items from the old empires. Since then the mages of the order efficiently stomped out the lesser mage orders out of existence. There can only be one they say.

There are the two branches in the order the wizard and sorcerer. These two branches may not like each other but they do tolerate one another and work together when the need arises. Wizards are viewed by the sorcerers as too strict and narrow, using too much of their time to pour over books about magic when they should be practicing it. The wizards view sorcerers as too unpredictable, using magic that is not understood well when they should learn all they can about it first.

There are three leaders for each branch. The current leaders of the wizard branch are Redgar Callon, Nairvara Riel, Asha. The leaders of the sorcerer branch are Tairon Nixeu, Xarzith Gix, and Perrin Silverwind. All six of the leaders meet every two months to discuss issues ranging from politics to important archeological sites.

Mages of the Thundrom have a strong belief that power should be gained through study, practice, and the will of one’s self. Therefore both branches share a dislike of warlocks. Warlocks are looked down upon in the Thundrom because of the pacts they seal with unknown powers. The most hated among the warlocks are the ones who make infernal pacts with demons.

Thundrom Order

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