Platinum Covenant

The Platinum Covenant was founded in Skorukh in 2357 by Belfalcon Serpenthelm. Sir Belfalcon felt there was not a point of light in the sky the common people could look up to and that there wasn’t any central justice all races of man to rely on. They started out as a small order of paladins of different gods, but the majority of them were Bahamut paladins. Soon the demographic shifted until the Covenant only allowed worshipers of Bahamut.

The order was looked upon as a group of bringers of justice. Whenever evil rose its ugly head in Skorukh no matter how big or small the challenge was. The knights tried to stay out of politics, but with the order growing in power and the increased respect they received from the masses it could not be that way for long.

In 2486 Empress Yuli of Okilas conquered Skorukh enslaving most of the inhabitants that would not swear allegiance with her. This included the Platinum Covenant. Most of the order was either enslaved or executed, whoever was left fought with the rebels of Leona for the people’s freedom.

Empress Yuli’s forces were finally driven out in 2491 by the combined efforts of the Leonan rebels and Caex Gaumad’s knights.

Platinum Covenant

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