Nature's Privilege

“There are many facets of nature like an expertly carved diamond. Nature’s privilege is the pendent that contains that jewel,” Archdruid of Nature’s Claws, Dura Whisperwood.

Early in the year I had reached out to Ironwood of the Sprouts of Knowledge about my interest in writing about druids and in particular about Nature’s Privilege. Being an individual who believed in the benefits of mass education we met in a small town named Meadow’s Cove in Gardarn and chatted over a meal about the history of druids. Well it was more like he regaled me with his teachings while I furiously took notes.

Druid and shaman are thought often to be the individuals that are capable wielding nature’s forces as their own. When I asked druid Ironwood about this view he merely stated, “No one can ever fully control nature. Druids harmonize with it and therefore if becomes somewhat malleable”. Like traditional spellcasters, druids can fall into specialized categories or be general in spell knowledge. Among these specializations druids can learn shapeshifting, elemental craft, and woodshaping just to name a few.

I believe druids and shaman to be be one of the most diverse groups in Pondera. Not only will you find elves, dwarves, and tielfings among their numbers but also gnolls, half orges, and goblins. Nature accepts all is their saying. But be ill towards her grace and the ire of these peaceful folk will come upon you.

Before 2031 druids had formed their own groups and were only concern with the immediate areas within their jurisdiction. It was soon seen that this unofficial way of doing things would not be enough each high ranking druid from each sect decided to form Nature Privilege. There would be a group elected of five persons that would represent their cause.

Orders within Nature’s Privlege includes:

Nature’s Claws

Sprouts of Knowledge

Elemental Bearers

(More to listed soon)

Nature's Privilege

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