Dusk Knights

The Dusk Knights were created many years ago by Sir Sesan “The Tainted”. Sir Sesan was a born and raised in Shorukh. Her parents were members of a the Platinum Covenant and she was to placed on the same path as they were. Sesan was a very talented strategist and fighter earning her right to be called a paladin when she was only 16 years of age. However with all her talents and skills she was not as pious as her peers.

A vision came to Sesan in the dead of night when she turned 26 years old. It was shrouded in the shadows of dragons but the shadows disappeared when they became engulfed by the flames of a golden dragon.

Not knowing what this vision was she sought the advice of a seer that only went by the name Drezin. The seer told her that her destiny was to learn the darkness and use that against her enemy. One could only know and defeat their enemy completely by going down this path.

Sesan recruit knights on her quest to learn the dark arts. She named her followers the Dusk Knight. The Platinum Leader at the time Sir Kirex Ayun, only with coaxing from her parents, allowed Sesan to pursue this. All seemed to go according to plan for a time.

Five years later Sesan planned a daring expedition to take on the Shadow Dragon Orvezra, an evil dragon that was growing in power in Skorukh. Kirex and Sesan along with some Platinum Covenants and Dusk Knights set forth. Those who Platinum Knights who survived the mission said they had witnessed Sesan and her followers kill Kirex in cold blood.

The Dusk Knights were then cast off as traitors and later one heretics. It was only when the War of the Dragon broke out that the Dusk Knights hesitantly joined an uneasy alliance with the Platinum Covenant.

Dusk Knights

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