Church of Ioun

“Knowledge is power and with that power we have been given the highest of responsibilities,” Situated of Ioun, Anthony Shin of Gen.

Though it is Corellon who is associated with arcane magic, it is Ioun who promotes the study of it. Where her twin sister Earthis encourages expansion and growth through building and creating. Ioun encourages the mortal races to learn, study, plan, and understand what they have built.

Temples dedicated to Ioun can be found in most major cities on Blanchon but church doesn’t real political power. They have a providence in Dighton, but beyond that there isn’t much else. It comes to no surprise that the main patrons to Ioun are wizards, sorcerers, alchemists, and sages some who dual as priests as well. Most clerics of Ioun maintain temples but they also manage museums, libraries, and universities. If asked most Ioun cleric will say they prefer the comfort of a library than a temple.

Though not the most powerful organization of the gods the church of Ioun does have one chief responsibility, the search and preservation of knowledge. Within the church there are a few sects, one of these sects is the Compendium of Knowledge. This sect actively sends out clerics to retrieve or find as much information as possible on lost knowledge. The order might send their disciples to dragons’ lairs, forgotten tombs, or to break into libraries of malicious individuals to obtain sacred tomes.

There are rumors and stories about a secretive Ioun sect known as the Followers of the Forbidden Tome. According to legends, the Followers actually seek out and destroy knowledge deemed to dangerous, cursed, or destructive for mortal minds. This often includes books and scrolls penned by Blight Mages or cultists devoted to the primordials. Most Ioun priests deny the existence of this sect, however, declaring that all knowledge is sacred; good or evil comes from how such knowledge is used, not the information itself.

-Scholar Amelia Qola

Church of Ioun

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