It Eats Magic Stuff...Damnit

The walls were made of jasper with shadowy figured that since to dance with the flicker of torchlight. The quarter however did live up to its name. There was danger at every turn, danger in the form of large skeletal bats and rotting undead.

As they moved the silver ancient elven script spoke about a series of battles versus the outsiders. Before the door to the main quarter there was a corpse with metal armor that looked as if it had been eaten. With a deep breath Malbert burst into the room only to be cornered by Fey Spiders and giant rust monsters.

The battle was a long one, but out heroes did not come out unscathed. One of the larger monstrosities had eaten Malbert’s scale armor leaving him in only a suit of chainmail. On thing that is notable is that the giant room they entered that was a forest turned into a large stone room. It seemed that that this dungeon turned into a habitat most suitable for a monsters.

The next room also had another corpse in front of the door. This was belonged to a Vecna cultist and he looked like he had froze to death.



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