c. 1200 CE – War of the Spider. Dorenithil and Nanenlaer founded.

1190 – Mithril discovered near what will eventually be Nortek.

1215 – Ironfast Rockbiter clan placed into power. Fargrim Alek Rockbiter becomes patriarch.

1290 – Tribal people discover rich soil in what will become Leona.

1569 – King Alyan Celenasta pays non-Fey races to relocate to Robur.

1624 – City states in future Gadarn united under Emperor Edward Pokus, forming the nation of Okilas.

1700 – Tomas Dann lands on Algor.

1750 – Tutonia founded, capital of Algor.

1756 – Mithril discovered in eastern Algor.

1771 – Battle of Tutonia, Tomas Dann killed by Dwarven invaders.

1771 – Tutonia taken back by rebels, led by Jonah.

1777 – Magical wall erected around Algor by the wizard Avalerian.

1895 – Dispute between Dorenithil and Robur.

2136 – Cleansing campaign commenced by oracles to “cleanse” The Wilds.

2140 – Country of Dighton established.

2201 – Provincial leaders unite under Jonathan Valido, forming the nation of Leona.

2476 – Leona invaded by Okilas. Kind Valido surrenders.

2478 – Okilas Empress Yuli conquers Ironfast.

2486 – Okilas conquers Skorukh.

2487 – Okilas Empress Yuli attemps, but fails, to conquer The Wilds.

2490 – Steel Aegis formed in Dighton.

2491 – Okilas Empress Yuli beheaded after guerillas overthrow her. Okilas renamed to Gadarn.

2491 – Alliance formed between Leona and Gadarn.

2491 – Skorukh slaves liberated when Leona invades.

2775 – Cous attempt in Nanenlaer by non-Fey half-orc Sark. He fails and is executed.

2771 – War of the Dragons officially starts in Skorukh.

2774 – All out war breaks out in Skorukh after King Cayosin Gaumad orders construction of a temple where Tiamat forces claim is the birthplace of their goddess.

2796 – City of Datsun in Gadarn is destroyed in a magical accident. (October 28)


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