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  • Redgar Callon

    One of the three wizard of the Thundrom Order. He is the most level headed of all three leaders. He was the one who first sent the adventurers on a quest to find the saint of Wingfalls, which turned out to be Lek.

  • Naivara Riel

    This eladrin woman is one of the three leaders of the wizard branch of the Thundrom Order. She hails from Dorenithil and was the former arcane advisor for King Gaelias Arthion. She is cold and unforgiving especially those that are not fey. It is no …

  • Perrin Silverwind

    One of the three sorcerer leaders of the Thundrom Order. One of the most cheerful sorcerer one would ever meet is what some of his students would say about him. He tried with the help of the adventurers to set a trap to lure Osay out of hiding early on. …

  • Asha

    She is one of the wizard leaders of the Thundrom Order. She is the wisest of the three wizard leader and members of the order usually go to her for guidance whether they are wizard or sorcerer.

  • Tairon Nixeu

    Tairon is a tielfing sorcerer and one of the leaders of the sorcerer branch. He is quick to anger and often allows his emotions to cloud his reason. It does go without saying that he is probably the most powerful of the three sorcerer leaders often …

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