Perrin Silverwind

One of the Sorcerer Leaders of Thundrom


One of the three sorcerer leaders of the Thundrom Order. One of the most cheerful sorcerer one would ever meet is what some of his students would say about him. He tried with the help of the adventurers to set a trap to lure Osay out of hiding early on. It didn’t work. Enraged with such a feeble and foolish attempt to draw him out, Osay released a pit fiend upon the small village of Datshun, destroying it.

Perrin took the blame for letting the events occur. At the moment he is on Ommek, demoted to middle management. Only there he found the drow were breaking through the mines to get to the surface world. Of course no one believed him and he had rely on the adventurers again.

Perrin Silverwind

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