They traveled the dirt beaten road, the birds were chirping and the sun was shining high in the sky. A gentle southern breeze brushed their cheeks accompanied by the loud bloodcurdling screams. There wasn’t any mistake that the screams were coming further down the road.

When they reached the source of the screams there was the sight of an unconscious woman, beaten and battered being carried by several men. Several of them look like farmers, but the other five were dressed in religious garb with symbols of Pelor embroidered into their clothing.

Without another thought the adventuring party engaged this grouped. Throughout the battle the enemies praised Pelor and called upon his might to smite their enemies. Gathe looked quite preturbed by this as he had to strike down them. They were quickly dispathced.

The brown haired woman they were carrying was dressed plainly. She had several injuries and when they inspected her more closely and there were whipping marks on her back they were still quite fresh. When she woke her up she looked very frightened.

“Please don’t hurt me! I swear I’m not a Bane worshipper!” She sobbed, “I just wanted to know Matilda was. That’s all I swear!”

After the heroes were able to calm her down she told them what was going on.

“My name is Ann Maria. I’m from Arma a village not too far away from here. Those men were from the Hand of the Sun Lord. They took my sister to the dark tower weeks ago and I only asked where she was! They took her because she had a birthmark that looked similar Bane’s Symbol. No one is safe from the Sun Lord’s Hand. They take you and if you question their methods of rooting out corruption they kill you. They even take the words of others at face value. If someone in Arma hates you then they report you to the order on corruption charges.”

The party decided to pay Arma a visit and to see these so called men of the Sun Lord’s Hand.

Arma was a small village, it was not even big enough to have a wall. Most of the houses were small wooden one floor structures with small plots of lands for garden vegetables which included turnips and potatoes. Out in the surrounding area were large tracts of land with the first signs of what looked like corn and wheat. As they approached they saw the citizens glance at Ann and run in their homes.

“They’re afraid if they associate with me they’ll be branded as heretics and tortured too.“

A group of militia met them in the middle of the road. "By the order of high inquisitor Dramon, surrender the Bane cultist and you will be granted a swift painless death!”

“The same kind of death you gave these innocents?” Gathe growled, “This is not Pelor’s way!”

The militia was dispatched in seconds.

The tower sat on a large hill half a mile away from the village. It stood like a sentinel of death looking over the town.

“They’ll be more soon… There are always more…” Ann Maria whimpered, “If you intend to kill them, please I know there are still prisoners inside… I… please Matilda might still be alive, but the horrors… oh by the gods why…”

“Don’t worry”, Antoinette said quietly, “They will be free soon. We swear it.”

Inside the tower there were many instruments of torture. Ann told the heroes usually it took some amount of torture for heretics to confess their crimes. It was only then one would be granted the merciful taste of death.

They finally arrived in the holding chambers where High Inquisitor Dramon was. He was in charge of the entire operation. There he stood over the battered villager and held his whip high just as the heroes entered the room.

“I thought my knights would’ve taken care of you,” Dramon said as he lowered his whip, “In Pelor’s name…”

“You have no right to invoke His Name,” Gathe glared at the High Inquisitor, “I will personally see to it you never hurt anyone ever again.”

The adventurers proceeded to kick major ass and the day was won.



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