Springtime in Robur is always very warm, the blazing heat comes from the sand which is bombarded with the sun’s rays all day. Caravans would often tell those interested in traveling the sea of sand to travel them in early morning or night using the constellations to navigate by.

Eagle-Eye mentioned to the adventurers about caravans visiting the local oases to the south. Since slavers are common in Robur caravan welcome adventurers to act as mercenaries. A particular caravan carrying dates and salt to Fort Granite was currently at one of the closer oases near her commune. She also mentioned a tournament going on in about a week at the city with many important people visiting for the festival.

The adventurers with sick Arktor in tow they find the merchants who have only been at camp for a few hours. They gladly accept them into the caravan as mercenaries. The merchants tell the adventurers that the festival honors the birth of Chieftain Kural, the one who united Robur many years ago. Every year the main event is a two on two tournament. The prize is entry into Warrior’s Rest where they found out Darrish Franks was buried for his heroics.

The caravan leader told everyone that when night falls then it would be time to head out. Fort Granite was a week’s journey.

A week later they arrived early morning at Fort Granite, the city was built in the center of a crater of the remnants of a great mountain. The story of Fort Granite was that Kord himself in a battle against a demon, threw his opponents into mountain and the monster left a crater there.

The city itself was vast, each building was made with granite, but most of them were low on the ground for cooling purposes. The vendors were putting up stalls for selling and games the fair would have. There was talk among the town about the main event at midday, the annual tournament. This year’s prize was a choice of armor and weapons that once belonged to the recently deceased Warlord Ulan.

The rules of the tournament were that anyone could enter, there was no killing allowed, no magic armor, implements, or weapons, magical items were allowed- necks, boots, rings, etc. Each fight is two versus two. Each person fought until they were either unconscious or surrenders.

Varis decided to scope out the other competitors among them were a famous rogue duo Tik and Tok, a friendly warlock and her bard partner Mute, and the favorites of the tournament a cleric named Lansing and his partner a barbarian called Bobo.

Varis and Malbert decided to enter as one team and Najar and Harbinger would be the other. Antoinette sat in the stands observing the attendees trying to spot anyone suspicious while collecting bets. It was rumored that a scout would be watching the duels for potential employees for Sultaness Barafuli.

During the battles Antoinette saw the scout in question a few rows below her and she heard an interesting tidbit that Calli Ba, wife of a minor warlord who possessed a ring called Sehanine’s Tear, was going to be at a party at the Sandy Dunes. The duels went quickly each respective team squashing their opponents until it was Najar and Harbinger versus Varis and Malbert. Eventually Varis “fell unconscious” therefore making the other team the winners.

Right after the tournament they decided to hurry up and get the next treasure clue before pursuing other interests. The grave was easily found and the clue was a piece of wood, which according to Harbinger came from a old wilden. One the piece of wood was ancient Elven text which said Briarthorn. Harbinger knew that Briarthorn was a glorious city in northern Nanenlaer while Najar knew the place has be desolate since the War of the Wilds.

Varis decided to go after larger prey and headed off to the Sandy Dunes for Calli Ba’s ring while the others went to a party they were invited to to feast with the three warlords. The wily rogue was able to steal the ring and soon the scout that was at the tournament showed up and present them a grand opportunity to be employed. The adventurers acted interested in the offer and the scout told them he had to have an employer just check them out first.



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