The Dragonmauls are Back in Town

They posed as traders with a wagon equipped with a hell behemoth named Helly. The bait worked. A four minute battle later two volcanic dragon laid dead at their feet. After traveling a few more miles, it was clear that the battle with the dragons had taken more out of the behemoth than Antoinette previously thought. So they decided to rest for the night.

The night passed without incident. In the morning our heroes were roused by the sound of Helly chewing on some blood red rock. They packed up camp and traveled north. The path became much narrower as the wagon started winding into the crags of the small mountain range. The air smelled of sulfur.

On the side of the path was a wagon or what looked to be the remains of a wagon. They could barely make out the burnt corpses of what they thought were once some kind of humanoid figure, maybe human or elf. It wasn’t fire but a mixture of fire and lava that did this. In the wagon spilled to the side were bar of adamantium. Malbert decided to loaded it into the wagon to deliver to the army camp when they were done at the mine.

The trail winds through the mountains end at the entrance of a large rock quarry. Medium size boulders decorate the edges out and inside the quarry. Charcoal skinned dwarves some with white hair others with red work in the quarry accompanied by large creatures with multiple arms and a large gaping mouth atop their heads equipped with serrated teeth.

As Varis sneaked up to edge of the quarry and the boulder shift into what looked like a rock-like person and glared at you with white eyes. During the battle a monster was pushed over the side of the quarry and alerted the duergar below, who joined the fight immediately, but our heroes disposed of them.

After the battled it was discovered that these duergar were part of the Dragonmaul mafia. There were instructions on them, most likely their superiors, telling these individuals to take advantage of the abandoned trade route.

Inside the mine were more gray skinned dwarves accompanied by humans in ragged clothing. They were clearly being mind controlled by these evil Dragonmauls. Our heroes flew into battle careful not to gravely injured the humans.



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