After resting briefly in the room that connected all four mazes they descended into the rogue maze. Only after taking a few steps into the maze our heroes were attacked…by spectral tentacles and vampires (who don’t fucking sparkle). Eventually the vampires were smited and Najar and Varis disabled the piece of artwork that was controlling the tentacles.

They crept deeper and deeper into the maze and soon found themselves surrounded by coffins. Malbert literally stomped his way into the middle of the room and waved his axe about like a madman. Several zombies and fleshy toddler sized creatures came bursting from the stone storage units. It was as if some deity used from crummy cliches to express this very obvious turn of events.

After the defeat of many things that are undead and die in one blow someone found a secret door. It turned out to be a portal of some kind, whether it was one or two was was not known by Najar. After a short prayer to Avandra he took a leap of faith and ended up at the bottom of a set of stairs. He was also able to stick is arm into the portal and have it shown on the other side. The signal that way was safe was delivered to his compatriots.

The walls of this place were aventurine, green tiny sparkled shine in the torch light. The artwork here was drawn in black and looked like they were meant to resemble shadows. Among the artwork are the silver words that continue to tell of Briarthorn’s history, distrust of one of the envoys. The death of the diplomat, Vanya Dindae and the outsider’s daughter, Beatrice Novala.

The rogue spied with his little eyes a tripwire and disabled it only one of his stature could. Unfortunately he didn’t see the other two and two very large darts came flying from the wall. It was soon discovered that the whole corridor before them were lined with tripwires. Working together and using unusual techniques such as swinging axes and having spirit cats run through said wires they were able to clear the way.

Other traps that encountered included spikes that fell from the ceiling, which they got through by tapping the floor tiles that corresponded with the area the spikes were. A crumbling floor which Jade helped the other members get across by nailing rivets into the walls.

There were other traps that awaited them including a huge magnetic boulder which was disabled and during the disarming process a bag of holding was found.

Near the end of the chaotic trapped dungeon they entered a corridor that our heroes noticed as they walked down it they became smaller. At the end of said corridor they was a mural that circumnavigated the entire room. It was of our intrepid heroes’ history. It started at the very beginning at Vox, Gadarn where two of the original party members were employed by the Archmage Redgar Callon. The mural however ended in the future where they were fighting a black robed man. Across from this depiction of the an epic battle Varis noticed a very well dressed elf who seemed to be observing him.

Suddenly the black robed man who our heroes figured must’ve been Osay came out of the mural into a flesh and blood state. They tried attacking him head on while Varis snuck to the elf on the other side of the room. The elf turned out to be Vanya Dindae, the diplomat that was murdered by the outsiders which in turn caused the War of the Wilds. He wasn’t very helpful in the battle they currently were fighting.

Antoinette had a brilliant idea and walked over to the painting with the eternal chalk and drew X’s over the eyes of the still paint Osay. The flesh and blood “Osay” disappeared and Vanya stood up and clapped.

“Bravo,” Vanya smiled, “That was damn creative. I will now answer any questions you have.”

“We’re here for a treasure clue,” Najar responded, “We were led to believe that it was here.”

Vanya pulled out from his pockets a golden ivy leaf key and some parchment, “Strange story about these items. I believe they were left here by a Etil Moica. Amazing woman, came here and cleaned out the place by herself and told me to give these things to adventurers that sought them.”

Diplomat Vanya explained in greater detail that the war really came about over a grave misunderstanding. The outsider’s king sent his daughter Beatrice Novela as an ambassador to Nanenlaer. Beatrice and Vanya were by themselves when she had an aneurysm and the elf was blamed for murder. Diplomat Vanya was killed by the outsiders and the war began. Like Archmage Lenn he is bound to this

“So the warrior quarter should be opened right now. I don’t know much about it since it was built after I died, but I know Captain Kalon Dryearlylth. He led the army against the outsiders in cause some of you haven’t been reading,” Vanya glared at Malbert who rolled his eyes, “Loves a challenge.”

“Guess it is too the warrior quarter then,” Jade checked the sharpness of her blade, “I can use some action.”

“Enough of this stuffy scholar shit,” Malbert spat, “I need some action too.”

“Before you leave I have one more piece of advice. The child you have, he seems to still hold this Osay figure in high regard. I would watch him if I were you.”



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