Once outside of the Black Temple, Antoinette heard the voice of someone familiar in her head. The young yuan-ti took this time to scamper away unnoticed.

“Lek is in need of your assistance immediately. Go to her home in Wingfall ASAP.”

They teleported to Vox first to sell a few items then arrived in Wingfall shortly after. Lek’s monastery looked the same as always. When they arrived in the study, Lek motioned themt to be seated. Pip and Ixen were also present. Antoinette noticed that for once that the tiefling wizard didn’t appear to be drunk.

“I see you have a new companion. There will be time to exchange pleasantries later. We must attend to business first.” Lek apologized, “I’m glad you came as quickly as you did. Did you find anything on your travels about Osay that we didn’t know before?”

When they presented her with the rubbings form the Black temple with the rubbings, Ixen took them, “These are extremely old. There is Abyssal on here.”

Najar added, “I think they are some kind of code. The phrases are nonsensical.”

The saint of Melora tossed a scroll onto the table. The seal on it belonged to that of the Platinum Covenant. An order of Bahamut followers, most of them paladins, were currently in Shoruhk participating in the War of the Dragon against Tiamat forces.

Gathe read the scroll outloud,

“Saint Lek Nohk of Melora,
I am in need of your assistance. Our dragonborn have been struck ill and only dragonborn both adults and children. Symptoms include Abdominal pain bleeding due to blood clotting problems, diarrhea, fever, nausea, organ failure, vomiting, and muscle weakness. Most suffer from severe weakness, but few have died…for now. I fear that number will rise soon.
Our clerics have tried everything. Their neither spells nor remedies work. Because of this sickness Tiamat’s forces have made a sufficient push against us. I know that your skills as a healer are unmatched.

We are desperate and if things continue down this path we will lose Verthicha di Ixen and with it Io’s scale.

I am currently in Vizer’s Peak, where his staff and jewel meet. The majority of the sick are here. For reasons unknown I have not been infected. Perhaps it is because I am Platinum Dragon’s Chosen, I am afraid I do not know.

We await your arrival.

Sir E’shek’iel.”

“The symptoms he describes in the letter were those experienced in the elves before they died from their plague. As you know the outsiders used ones aura to infect. A dragonborn’s aura is very specific, they have the narrowest spectrum,” Lek explained.

“What does all this fancy talk mean?” Malbert grumbled.

“If this is indeed Osay’s work and he has learn to manipulate who he can infect then this doesn’t bode well. Luckily it seems he cannot control the strength of the illness or maybe he’s just testing it. Who know? What I do know is I need to go to Skorukh, but I am old and not what I once was. Ixen and Pip must stay here especially now that you brought those rubbings. They have several other things they have to work on. To put it simply I need guards. We will have to get to the border and then travel through by normal means.”

“If there is evil to be destroyed then we shall be there,” Gathe said.

“Skoruhk is a volcanic region, hot ash is a problem for all who wish to travel through there,” Pip commented.

Ixen mentioned, “I have a ritual for you some resting and avoiding the ash.”

“Gather any supplies you need and we will depart in the morning. The biggest worry we will have are dragons especially those of the red variety. You might have to assist the army while we are there also,” Lek glanced at Malbert and Varis, “Dragon body parts fetch nice prices at the market, in case you need some incentive…The tricky part is preserving them, but I’m sure you can figure something out.”

The surrounding area was rocky. Peaks of active and extinct volcanoes litter the region. There is barely a trail much less road that carves through the area. Every now and then jets of steam shoot from the cracks in the ground.”

As the traveled they came across a group of scouts being attacked by a red dragon. Our heroes literally destroyed the fiery beast. The scouts led them to Vizer’s Peak. It sat atop of a reddish plateau with Tents covering the entire surface. The scouts mention that the sick were quarantined on the other side of the camp and the only dragonborn allowed here is E’shek’iel. They brought them to the largest tent where they said their leader is waiting.

When they entered the tent there were a group of armored warriors gathered around a large round table pouring over maps. A green dragonborn in golden armor and an impressive yet familiar looking longsword, turned in their direction and immediately Lek froze. Antoinette and Malbert remembered a portrait of a dragonborn in Eagle-Eye’s home with multiple daggers and arrows through it.”

“Skelesh,” Lek growled, “We thought you were dead…”

The dragonborn nodded, “Now is not the time. If you wish pummel me, you can do it later after helpt he sick.”

Lek begrudgingly agreed, “Give me a few clerics and I’ll see to them. In the meantime, they are willing to help. Treat them with respect you bastard.”

Surprisingly Marques the wizard Malbert and Antionette saved earlier in the yearn was there to help also. While Lek was off attending to the sick E’shek’iel asked the intrepid heroes to exterminate some volcanic dragons that have been plaguing a road. This road was vital for it led to mountains north of Skoruhk , where the army received admantite for weapons and armor.

“Volcanic dragons are evil, correct?” Gathe asked.


“Let’s go.”



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