Deeper into the Mine

As soon as the duergar were cleared out the laborers regained their senses and began to thank the heroes for saving their lives when a woman rushed out of the cave screaming.

“Please the other miners are still in the pit you must save them before they all perish!”

The heroes followed the distraught woman. They could hear voices being carried by the drafts in the mine, crying, begging for mercy. At the end of one corridor there was a massive hole in the ground. Other than the light from the top of the hole, there looked like there wasn’t any other light at the bottom of the hole. As soon as they went to the edge a human woman darted from the darkness and gazed upwards.

She pleaded to the new onlookers, “Please help us…Oh gods its coming help us please!!!” She ran back into the darkness and coming in view was this large red ooze dragging itself across the floor following where the woman had just ran.

Without another moment of hesitation they leaped into the pit and faced off with a acidic blood ooze surround by numerous ghouls. They were already bodies of laborers that had been dead for a while. The battle was difficult, Malbert found himself trapped with the belly of the jelly many times. Each time thinking that the acidic chemicals would eat away at him until he was nothing but bones. But the adventurers proved resilient and defeated the ooze.

They decided to travel around the mine. There were large spiders that inhabited the trash pit. The trash pit turned out to be a huge cavern with an underground lake. There wasn’t any light here other than the light filtering from the hole they just came down from. There were bodies of humans and two duergar. Antoinette revealed that they were bitten and injected with a poison. Giant spiders burst from the darkness and began to attack them. At the water’s edge just as another spider came down, a large splash was heard, the spider disappeared as this large reptile head snapped his mouth around the spider, crushing it in its beak.

The large creatures peered at them through the darkness and let out a laugh, “Well…well…I recognize the two of you. How have you been my friends?”

The large creature was Odin, the large sea turtle they met very early on. He told them that an earthquake had opened a path of underground river ways that eventually led out to the sea. He made his way here. He also told them that a few nights ago he saw a what looked like a huge meteor crashed in Skorukh.

“The trail and fire coming from it was unlike any I have seen before.”

With things at the mine taken cared of they decided to see what Odin was talking about. When they reached the site it turned out that meteor was an airship. Around it were a few dead white dragonborn. Near the wreckage was a golem of sorts that looked inanimate and a white hair pale woman.

The woman was called Snow, an avenger of the Raven Queen sent by her house to apprehend a criminal who had stolen an old artifact from them. During her pursuit of the criminal Garrett, she was caught in a storm and landed here.

After some exchange everyone deducted that Snow was from the other side of the world. (She told them of Sharne and other land marks they had never heard about.) Najar and the others realized that with Snow’s knowledge of magic that she might be the key to stop the plague Osay is testing.



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