In the morning, the adventurers contracted a boat to take them close to the area where Osay had been shipwrecks ten years ago. While they rode on their dolphins, Antoinette heard a rope snap. Almost immediately after that Malbert’s dolphins disappeared and the dwarf fell into quicksand. From the treetops several feathered arrows landed next to the quicksand trapped victim. Among the foliage were halfings with paint on their faces, feathers in their hair, and tattoos on there bodies.

Bit immediately started yelling in a primitive broken elven and waving hands about and then in common said, “Stop no one fire. I know them! They are Litian!”

One of the halfings tossed a vine to Malbert while another spoke to Bit. Varis and Antoinette were able to pick up words snake people, kidnapping, and fear.

Bit said to the heroes seriously, “You told Eagle-Eye you’d compensate me if I took you to the Black Temple. If you help me kill some yuan-ti that’s all I need.”

Bit explained they walked to the tribe’s settlement that lately the yuan-ti have been stealing his tribesmen into the night. They had been taking to a temple located in the Alabaster ruins. For what purpose they don’t know.

“Apparently we have impeccable timing…their latest victim was my younger sister, Sina…The chief has more information for us…”

After traveling through the jungle for about an hour they came upon a walled village with thatched reed houses that sat in trees. There were dozens of halfing men, women, and children dressed in loincloths, feathers, and painted decorative beads sharpening weapons, skinning freshly killed animals. A few of the children stopped in their tracks and stared at all them.The hunter’s leader guided them through the village to the largest hut.

The interior was lit by a small fire. There were several men inside with spears and sitting in on a brightly woven rug was an older individual with very elaborate tattoos on his face and chest with a large piercing in his nose similar to that of a bull. Najar noticed there was a human in the corner of hut dressed simple woolen tunic with a very large well kept blade on his back.

“Father,” Bit nodded in the chief’s direction.

“Please sit,” The chief said in common, “I take it the hunting party told all of you what was going on.”

The chief explained the abductions started 3 months ago. They started small, a hunter would be missing from a party as he was separated from them during the hunt, but then women and children started to disappear and by this time they knew who was doing it. They tried sneaking into the ruins to find our own, but there were too many of them…especially the abominations.

“We found the human a week ago injured,” The chief said.

The peasant figure nodded, “I am Gathe. I was part of an envoy sent to discover why there were Yuan-Ti and a green dragon at the Alabaster Ruins. Unfortunately, my band was attacked by yuan-ti, accompanied by wyverns and dragonborn. I am the only survivor.”

Bit knew where the ruins were so he, the adventurers, and the newly acquired Gathe went. They found their way through the courtyard with almost no difficulty. During there fight in the main temple of the ruins they discovered that the tribal halfings were being tortured because their life essence was being used to prolong a dragon’s life. The dragon had been cursed causing her life span to be shortened. The yuan-ti were helping the green dragon because Dawn (the dragon) proclaimed that she was an aspect of Zehir.

Of course the party trounced the yuan-ti and dragonborn thoroughly, but Dawn escaped.



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