Circus of Doom

Bit told them the easiest way to get to the shipwreck’s location is by boat, and one could probably be hired in the Broken Isles. When they go to the Sein Lenn’s harbor they ran into their old friend Captain Arboreal.

“Well well if it isn’t my old friends,” Captain Arboreal hopped down from some crates, “I don’t expect ye be looking for passage somewhere?”

When they told the good captain where they were headed he agreed to give them free passage once again. He had lost half of his crew on their last trip but he was able to find some new hired help.

While they were on the ship Bit explained that the term cannibalistic halfing, in his case, was a little misleading. During funeral rites the decreased is consumed, in a strange way its done so each person always carries a part of them within. However there were halfing tribes which view humanoid flesh as a delicacy especially those of different races.

Bit explained that they had to be very careful in the jungle. It was thick and would take them at least four times the normal time to get to somewhere. The Wilds can be looked as three sections, in the north is mostly populated by jungle elves and halfings, in the west are the golitath and half-orc tribes and the south there the yuan-ti make their home.

“Well we travel with phantom steeds so that should minimize traveling time,” Najar commented.

Bit said, “The black temple like I mentioned before started out as a Corellon temple, when elves from Nanenlaer were sent to populate the Wilds., but the region proved too untamed. After the site was abandoned, Vecna cultists made the temple their own, eventually they too abandoned it and now its infested with Yuan-Ti.”

Five days into the journey the ship slipped through the night silently. A portion of the crew was sleeping below deck while the others taok care of menial tasks. Earlier the captain told them that with this good weather they may reach the Broken Isles quicker than usual. Antoinette experienced a brief moment there was a picture and a sound that flashes in her mind. It was a scream that came from above deck and the violent shaking of the boat. When she snapped back to reality the captain was there just talking with her.

“Everybody down!” The gnome cleric cried.

A mysterious The sea monster lets out a shriek of pain and descends back into the depths. Several sailors are badly injured and many of the wooden planks are broken. Bit and our heroes leaped into action and defeated the sea kraken.

“Thank you for saving my crew,” Captain Arboreal stared into the water, “I have never seen a kraken before…the last one I heard about was one called Ted, but never witnessed one…they are frightening.”

They arrived in Siren’s Call 5 days later. The Kraken had done extensive damage on the ship making their journey even slower. Siren’s Call is one of the larger islands of the Broken Isles. During this time there was a festival taking place in honor of a sealord’s birthday.

As they walked through the festive streets Bit, Najar, and Antoinette looked over their shoulders only to catch a glimpse of a shadowy figure..

“Did you see that?” Bit motioned them to keep walking, “I think someone is following us. Suggestions?”

“I’m the stealthiest of all of us,” Varis spoke, “I will pretend I have business elsewhere and while he follows the rest of you I was observe him.”

The rest of them agreed and began to walk down the road. Varis followed the shadowy figure who turned out to be a tiefling rogue. When his comrades went into a inn he observed the tiefling watch the from a window and jolting down notes. Varis attempted to steal the notebook he was writing in, but the other rogue proved too quick for him.

It was then Varis’ friends followed the tielfing who lead them to a group of Dragonmauls, which they caught by surprise and killed. The Dragonmauls had been hunting our heroes in hopes of getting a reward from their leader.

During their stay on the island. Varis was approached by a gnome dressed as a clown who was desperate for help because his usual knife thrower was sick and their was a tent full of children that had to be entertained. Varis along with Malbert and Jade (who had daggers thrown at them) performed for these orphans as the half-elf demonstrated his dagger mastery.



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