Black Temple

The black temple was truly one of the best examples of pre-war elven architecture. Its elegance yet delicate designs graced the other walls as if someone embroidered them on. The stone’s polish had been worn away with age but even that and the thick jungle vines had not greatly diminished its beauty. Yuan-Ti paroled the outer walls.

Our heroes hopped off their dolphins and scouted the area. it looked like the temple had taken a beating. Bit said the only other people in the area were a tribe of goliaths in the mountains. During tactical discussions a yuan-ti patrol wandered into their area.

The young yuan-ti, who was intimidated very easily, told the adventurers that his people had recently had a territorial dispute with the goliaths.

“We are not stupid,” The yuan-ti said, “We heard what you did to the blasphemers to the north.”

“If you aren’t inclined to fight us then have your leader meet us and we’ll talk,” Najar demanded.

“Go get her,” The young yuan-ti said nervously to his comrade.

Moments later a large yuan-ti abomination wearing colored feathers and wielding a huge metal staff slithered out of the temple. When questioned about humans that have been in the temple, the abomination recalled three the most recent tens years ago and it was a teenage boy. Her guards had chased him into the aqueducts and left him there. The aqueducts were the only area in the temple the yuan-ti weren’t about to clear.

“If he lived then there must be a way out down there,” The abomination said.

“We won’t attack your people if you agree to lead us down there and not to engage with the goliaths,” Najar offered.

“It’s not as if we have the numbers to attack anyone at the moment,” The abomination thought, “Besides they’ll kill the monsters in the aqueducts so we don’t have to.”

“Agreed and you might as well take that sniveling yuan-ti you captured or we’ll execute him anyways.”

It was dark, pitch black. The aqueducts smelled strongly of mold and dirt. The structures here had not been taken cared of and the water in this place did not help in the deteriorating process. The platforms on the sides looked as if they are ready to crumble.

Down in the crumbling aqueducts they fought a fearsome hydra that also defeated Malbert if it weren’t for the heroics of Varis giving him that life giving potion at the last second. They also found two unaltered rooms both had murals.

A series of pictures were shown on the wall. It started with the birth of a boy, then humans being abused by elf masters. The boy in the carvings joined some type of order and went through with making a pact with a devil. The family of the boy was promptly slaughtered two panels later and then he was snuck onto a ship by an elven woman. Then the finding of the temple and what looked like a small phylactery. It went through joining another order and the acquiring allies and followers it ended with him fighting a group of adventurers. The rest of the carvings looked unfinished. In the other room were the pictures detailing on how the phylactery was made.



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