Our heroes had just arrived back to the plateau. When a soldier walked up to them.

“We’re short on patrols,” A young soldier told them, “The Dusk Knights have not arrived yet. It would be a great help if you could be one of our patrol groups tonight.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” Najar shrugged.

Patrolling was quiet work. The moon rose in the sky casting an eerie glow over the landscape. The occasional roar of some savage beast could be heard every now and then. Several hours into the watch they were approached by a man dragging his feet, fresh blood stained his armor and face.

“Oh thank the Platinum Dragon!” He collapsed by their feet, “You must warn Vizer’s Peak! They’re coming! They must’ve been planning this attack for months. They attacked just before the dragonborn fell ill. All of our outposts were simultaneously attacked. They sent weekly reports via hawks back to the peak. Sometimes if we took too long to answer Lord E’shek’iel would send messengers to make sure they were fine. Tiamat’s followers were clever enough to hire changelings into their ranks. I was a messenger along with my friend…”

He coughed up blood and Antoinette rushed to his side to heal him. He continued,“Jeremiah was suspicious…and wanted to wait until nightfall to sneak into the outpost. We did and found out who the imposters really were, but they found us before we could sneak back out. They killed Jeremiah and nearly killed me. I awoke under a pile of corpses…and tried to make my way back to the peak.”

“Stop talking,” Antoinette urged, but the soldier Tomas continued.

“I don’t know when then they were supposed to come, but they will come…”

In the distance the avenger noticed a tremor, soft, but growing. A roar, a loud one, not too distant came from the east. It was definitely a dragon; there is no doubt about it and not a young one either.

They urged their animals back to the peak. Malbert threw the wounded soldier onto his pterodactyl and they rode into the night sky.

The party was able to make it to the peak in record time. Once the army was alerted the encampment was thrown into a whirl wind of action. Catapults were loaded. Soldiers grabbed whatever weapons and armor they could from the armory. Rail (the gold dragon) looked up at the sky when another roar was heard. He clutched his weapon so tight that his knuckles were turning white.

“Dragon,” Gathe murmured, “Chromatic most likely.”

The officers bark commands at their soldiers, “The portals should be stable enough for a bit, get as many sick away from this area as possible!”

The sky darkened, in the distance there they were. Hundred, thousands of them banners of Tiamat waving in the fluttering in the air along with wyverns with riders. A huge red dragon with two smaller dragons a red and a green flanking its sides roared.

“He’s issuing a challenge,” Najar whispered, “Not good.”

They saw Rail let our a roar before going to the edge of the plateau and shifting into a huge golden dragon taking to the air ignoring the warnings of a trap from soldiers.

“Don’t just stand there like loons! Fire the Catapults!” One of the commanders ordered, “Give cover to the hippogriff battalion!”

“Sir Ewan, they’re breaking through our front line!” The soldier yelled back just as an arrow pierces the base of his skull.


“Sir! A small group are headed for the med tent!”

“That crazy cleric bitch and her friends are still there. E-shek-iel will kill me if anything happens to her,” Ewan growled and directed his attention to the party, “Don’t you five stand there take a small group and get yer arses to the medical tent!”

As they fought through draconian after draconian a small gnome with white hair let loose a huge wave of radiant energy searing a large group of enemies. She spotted the familar face of our intrepid adventurers in the crowd.

“Thank the goddess I found you!” Pip rushed through the groups of soldiers, “Vecna cultists… we have to hurry! They cut off the portal before we could send the sick through. My lady and Marques are still fighting them off.”

They successfully made it to the medical tent when…

“Dracolich!” Lek shouted as she pointed to the sky. A large decrepit creature descended upon them.

After defeating a small number of cultists, “Where’s Snow?” Marques asked as he wiped off some blood.

Just as he finished speaking a cultist fell over dead from behind a tent, a white dragonborn with a pole with a sickle-like blade at the end stepped out and sheathed her weapon. The dragonborn visage faded to that of a changeling.

“I have a sneaking suspicion these Vecna cultists want me,” Snow said.

“Their shouting of ‘Osay wants the white haired bitch was not an indication?’” Marques asked.

“Though they meant the old one,” Snow replied.

“I hate to interrupt the harping on the old woman, but we have more company!” Lek huffed, “To arms!”

The battle was won with quite a few casualties. After a week of helping the army Lek, Marques, Pip, and Snow produced a list of ingredients that they needed to combat the plague. It was agreed upon they Snow would be sent to Dighton to be kept safe from Osay. Osay probably wanted her because she knew of advance technologies from the other side of the world. The party would go find the ingredients, which included Roc Egg, Eye of Cyclops, Panite, Willow Branches, Heart of a Metallic Dragon.



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