An Almost Deep Impact

The village of Arma had a huge celebration honoring their heroes. During the feast there were rumors that were heard that a Roc was threatening a town to the north called Delphi. Where there are Rocs there are eggs and eggs are what they needed for part of the plague cure.

As they traveled on dolphin back, Antoinette had the most unnerving chill go down her spine. She heard a frightening howl and felt cold and wet for a moment, but that disappeared quickly.

The sky darkened and tiny beads of hail begin to pleat the ground. Peering through the falling ice they saw several large hounds materialize. Upon closer inspection they were demonic looking beasts with long porcupine like spines on its back dull yellow eyes. On one of the creatures was a red devil. Seeing him seems to sap some of the strength from our heroes limbs.

The withered devil bowed, "My master is quite aggravated. This is your first and last warning. I am merely one of his many servants. Should you strike me down, many more will come.”

Needless to say the heroes ran over the devil and his puppy minions.

Delphi was a small town with at the base of where Ironfast and Leona meet. A ten food wooden wall surrounds the wall and around the town were fields of what look like carrots. As they approached the town there were festive green and black decorations being hanged. The townsfolk seemed to look kind of depressed.

Najar asked a towns person, “Why the long faces?”

To which the person replied, “We are depressed because our oracle, Ginger Gales, is very ill and will not be able to predict at this years annual black carrot harvest. Which is supposed to happen the next day.”

Thankfully Antoinette was a divine oracle, after checking quickly if Ginger could be cure. She had a really bad parasite in her intestine it seemed. So Antoinette was asked to take part in the black carrot harvest ceremony. She was to ask the gods if the regular buffalo migration would be driven off the path of their crop.

Black carrot is a crop only grown in this area, because of the mineral rocky soil and the spring water in the area. This is the cash crop for the people of Delphi. Unfortunately the fields were located in the middle of a large migration path of wild bison. Normally the oracle would predict if the herd was trampling their fields or not that year. If she said they would they send men to the fields to divert the animals into another direction. It is a little inconvenient because now they have to send men to the supposed path instead of having extra hope in the fields as a precaution.

Before the ceremony the heroes did a little exploring. Varis magpie eyes spotted a beautiful locket on an old female gnome. Per usual he stole it,only to discover she had a picture of her children and husband in it. So our kind hearted thief placed the locket back into the gnome pockets.

The gnome grinned up at the thief after he had moved away, “You’re not bad sonny, but I think you’re missing something.” She tossed his coin pouch at him.

Varis looked stunned, “How? When?”

“Come by the Ceramic Gnome Inn and maybe you’ll learn something.”

Antoinette performed the ceremony and what she saw shock her for lack of a word. She saw a huge asteroid crash into the town and completely level it. Of course when she told the towns people they panicked and begged the heroes to help them.

So with some quick thinking and mathematical calculations of how fast an asteroid would fall onto the world. Najar used a ritual called Hallowed Temple with no roof to entrap the asteroid’s impact, which work.

While that happened Malbert was int he woods and received a note from Cringer Dragonmaul. Something about dealing death to the heroes sooner or later.

After the town was saved their was a huge celebration of food and spirits.



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